An example

The following is an example of a large-scale GESTALT map, of the Familial Mediterranean Fever region on human chromosome 16 (GenBank locus HSAJ03147).

You can see here at a glance the results of automated analysis of nearly a quarter of a megabase of sequence, with some user annotation on it. The upper panels show graphs of CpG contrast values, of multinomial probability of composition of the sequence, and of G+C content. The red-to-blue transition represents an isochore transition (H3 to H1-2) which coincides with a low-probability segment and with the transition from the tRNA gene cluster to the location of two olfactory receptor genes.
In the lower panel, features above the thick midline are oriented from 5' to 3' (left to right), while those under the midline are in the opposite orientation. The fgenes and GenScan predictions are shown pictorially; box height depicts exon quality. ORFs are colour-coded by statistical significance. Interspersed repeats are shown as well, colour-coded by type (SINEs in red, LINEs in green, tRNA genes in blue, other repeats in brown).